Health Services

Self-Service Solutions by FutureSens

Touchscreens allow a channel for your online information to be extended into public spaces.

  •    Digital content is more likely to be seen & remembered than print.
  •    We process visual information much faster than language.
  •    Eliminate printing and distribution costs.
  •    Centralise communications.
  •    Extend the reach of your information into public spaces.



Case Study: Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership

Glasgow City focused on Heath Awareness and invested in a number of touchscreens installed in Health Centres throughout the city, providing patients with direct access to online health resources. 

FuturesSens helped Glasgow’s City Health and Social Care Partnership to create an app to distribute live website feeds and health campaigns while also giving patients useful information about local health clinics, pharmacy information, hospitals and local transport.

We now have several installations underway in the UK offering public health information to view and take away.


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