Case study 2

Self-Service Solutions by FutureSens

Surya Hotel Group



The Surya Hotel Group have recently rolled out Self-Service Check-In kiosks to their hotels in the Peterborough, Colchester and Farnham area. In partnership with Guestline PMS and FutureSens® automation equipment and software, these units are now managing a large proportion of check-ins and payments, resulting in a substantial load being taken off reception. The Surya Hotel group has now ordered additional kiosks for the remainder of their hotels with a view to seeing the same savings and revenue benefits being gained.




Surya Hotel Group objectives                                                      
The benefits experienced since choosing the FutureSens® 

The Suraya Hotel Group was a new hotel project.They                 

were looking to reduce staff costs before their recruitment             
We use less staff for the check-in and check-out process

phase was rolled out. Their objectives were to run their                 
Staff members have a more value-add as we are able to

operations with minimum overheads whilst optimising and             
redeploy them elsewhere when necessary.

improving the guest experience.                                                     
Our guest find the complete check-in and check-out

process easy to use. Guest are able to make payments

Why the Surya Hotel Group choose FutureSens®                      
as well as access their keys all at the kiosk. They find

FutureSens® had completed similar projects. They were               
the process easy to understand without the need for

offering a turnkey solution which did not require project                   

management. Their ability to offer a total solution along                   

with their expertise in the field made them an obvious                     
The future with FutureSens®

choice. We could see they had a good quality product.                     
Due to the success of the installation and the ongoing

The fact it could be integrated to work with our existing                     
support we have received from FutureSens® have placed

property management system, Guestline was also a key                   
orders for additional units. We regard the whole project as

factor to choosing them.                                                                     
a great success resulting in happy guests and happy staff.

FutureSens® provided on-site training to our reception                     
The integration between the staff and the kiosks has been

staff. Once the system was up and running the staff were                 
very positive so much so the staff have given the kiosk a

fully supported with any issues identifed being addressed                 
name-Kenny the kiosk at Hog back!

and dealt with in an acceptable period of time.


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