Case Study 3

Self-Service Solutions by FutureSens

Bliss Hotels introduce Self-Service Check-In thanks to FutureSens®


The Bliss Hotel Group in conjunction with FutureSens® have installed 2 cool new Self-Service Check-In kiosks at their recently refurbished hotel in Southport. These vinyl wrapped corporate branded kiosks enable guests to check-in and out, make payments for rooms, purchase additional items during their stay as well as program and cut room door keys. The Bliss brand are renowned for their forward thinking and keeping up with technology trends. We at FutureSens® look forward to helping them to enhance the guest experience while improving the commercial efficiency of the hotel.





The Questionnaire with customer

What problem did you experience before using our product/service?

The cost of training the reception staff was too high.

Why did you select our product/service instead of a competitor?

Because FutureSens have done the same project before perfectly.

How did our product/service solve a problem you were experiencing?

They will give the best plan with us when we asked for our requirement.

What are your goals as a business or organization?

Improving the guest experience such as make sure our customer can enjoy the high-technical service.

Are you comfortable sharing data and metrics demonstrating your success?

Yes of course.

What solutions did you try before you came to us?

We tried to cut the number of staffs in reception department.

What factors led to deciding on a self-service check-in solution?

The cost of training the reception staff.

What criteria did you have when you were looking for a solution?

The cost saving and ensure our customer enjoys the machine.

Why choose to work with FutureSens?

Because they work with Guestline (who is our hotel’s trusted partner)

What tasks did our [product/service] simplify for you?

Check-In and Check-Out and Key cutting.

How much time do you save?


What tasks did our [product/service] eliminate?

As above

How easily did your team adapt our product into their routine?

With training and support.

How was your onboarding process?

When we have a problem, we will discuss with our staff. In order to solve the problem perfectly.

What process did you use to switch over to using our product?

Running normally.

What difficulties did you face in the transition process?

The scenarios which we have not forecast.

What advice do you have for anyone implementing our product into their work process?

Understand the system operation fuction.

How much faster are you at completing [task] now that you use our product?

We cannot mention this.

How did we help you reach your goals?

In short term, I can give you an answer. But in long term, The customer will consider our hotel is up to date.

How has your productivity changed since implementing our [product/service]?

We will save the cost in training reception staff, and we can use this cost to develop the other service.

What positive results have you seen?

FurtureSens is a reliable partner.

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