Case study 4

Self-Service Solutions by FutureSens

The Odeon Cinema


10 Squared in partnership with Odeon Cinemas have an install base at over 500 venues throughout the UK. As an early adopter of the latest technology and working closely with the creative team, Odeon were pioneers in the self-serivce industry. Using the highly interactive and entertaining content on the touchscreen kiosks, customers can book and select seats for the latest releases or collect pre ordered ticket easily. This has helped to reduce box office queues and reduces staff overheads, thus creating a fast, cost-saving and efficient self-service customer experience.






Odeon Cinemas objectives
The future with FutureSens®

Odeon Cinemas objectives were to enable cinema goers
Nowadays customers expect a hassie-free experience

select and view individual trailers and link this to a self-
when arriving at the cinema. The interactive touchscreen

service purchasing platform. This would help boost box
kiosks have helped Odeon achieve this. It ihas also allowed

office figures and reduce the amoount of time staff were
an upsell workflow to be incorporated in the booking

handling these enquiries.

The future will see continuing development to advance the

Why Odeon Cinemas choose FutureSens®
functionality to meet both the Odeon and the customer’s

The self-service solution system was able to deliver
expectations, resulting in an entertaining and enjoyable

the requirements necessary as well as offer an upsell
self-service experience!

feature. This wold allow return visits to the cinema to be


The benefits experienced since choosing the FutureSens®

check-in solution?

The ability to reduce and re-assign staff to more value-add

tasks within the cinema has been hugely beneficial. Staff

are freed up to take on other tasks from helping customers

find their allocated movie to selling confectionary.

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