Check-in wait times
Hotel check-in

Check-in wait times vary from 3 to 8 minutes on average and studies have shown that wait times of 5 minutes or more can decrease customer satisfaction ratings by 47%*

This is just one of the main factors affecting guest satisfaction. In the study, wait times were compared across countries, and “breaking points” where customers’ satisfaction decreases were noted:

  • Guests from the USA: 5-minute tolerance
  • Guests from Canada: 7-minute tolerance
  • Guests from France, Germany, Italy, and Spain: 15-minute tolerance
  • Guests from the UK: 17-minute tolerance
  • Guests from Japan: 30-minute tolerance

So, what’s the solution?

Self-service can be beneficial since it offers guests a speedy and efficient check-in. Pair this with a meet-and-greet style of reception, and you’ve taken the 47% of possibly dissatisfied guests and delivered them to their room in under 2 minutes!

In research carried out by Opinion Research Corporation (ORC), 76% of participants stated that being able to check in ahead of time would minimise any potential dissatisfaction, whilst 41% said they prefer a hotel that allows advanced check-in via the web or a mobile device over one that does not.

We have concluded from this research that hotels could improve their efficiency to raise client satisfaction levels. Self-service is swiftly becoming one of the most productive ways to satisfy your guests’ requirements and needs as the world quickly enters the age of adaptive automation.

According to, 89% of consumers expect a self-service offering in most day-to-day payment transactions.

Futuresens® offers the ability for guests to customise their experience by upselling via the kiosk and adding different packages of your choice, which in turn adds a more personal touch.

This addresses the issues mentioned above by reducing the check-in times dramatically, whilst providing a service that can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of traditional check-in methods.


* statistics from Cornell’s Centre for Hospitality Research.

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