Covid-19 Update ⚠


Queues are frustrating and have potential to spread COVID-19. This can be avoided using a quick self-service workflow and pre-arrival stage via the guest’s mobile. Check-in can be accomplished in less than 1 minute for any arrival scenario. All keying to the PMS, PDQ payments and door card-cutting  is automated.


Person-to-person contact at check-in can be eliminated using a self-service approach. This will go a long way to gaining guests confidence across the industry. It will also save staffing costs at reception, allowing more service/operational duties to be carried out.


Nowadays guests prefer to check-in, make payment and in a contactless way, similar to checking in at the airport. This ensures a safe and reliable data entry system. Using technology can allow the hotel to focus on the guest experience.

Self-Service Systems

The future is here


 Self-service technology has become so commonplace that consumers no longer think of it as novel. It’s become a given. You probably think this way yourself without realising it. Consumers now take for granted self-service banking, food ordering and airline and hotel check-in. And when they aren’t able to help themselves, they can become irritated. Self-service isn’t just about customer convenience. Your company and its employees also stand to benefit from it. Increased productivity and time savings boost profitability. So there are a number of tangible financial and operational benefits to your organisation by adopting a self-service strategy. Feel free to drop us a short message in the Contact Form below.


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