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Self-Service Solutions by FutureSens

See our features and customization possibilities

Every kiosk comes with a special set of features and customization possibilities.

Contactless Check-In

Guests are able to check in through our kiosk by presenting a QR code and going through the check-in progress completely hands free. The system will take the guest through all the steps leading up to a contactless payment, checkin and key card encoding with little to no interaction with the system. 

Contactless Bespoke Design

This video shows a bespoke user interface design to meet corporate colours and theme. The look and feel can be designed to meet your requirements.

eRegistration (Profile Update)

Digital registration cards can be filled in on the kiosk upon arrival or within the welcome email on their smartphone.

Alerts to Reception

The aim of the self-service kiosks threefold; to reduce person to person contact in the wake of the coronavirus lock-down, to reduce staff overheads and to optimise hotel efficiencies. This video shows how the staff can immediately be alerted that a guest has arrived and that the preparing of their room is a priority above others.

Table Reservation at Check-In

The Self-Service platform can tie into other systems too, assuming they have an API interface. In this case, the kiosks are simply emailing the restaurant to allow the guest’s request for dnner to be lodged and the guest to be contacted with the outcome.


Both the standalone and countertop kiosk allow for a high level of customisation for each individual client. Each kiosk can have its own colour scheme and company logo placement.

Standalone Kiosk

Can have up to two different colours for the top and bottom part of the kiosk


Can be customised with a colour for the main body of the unit as well as a logo placement (indicated by X and Y positions on the diagram)

To find out more go to our Downloads page and download branding options for each unit.