Stirling Council

Self-Service Solutions by FutureSens

Seven outdoor visitor information touchscreens have recently been installed in the Stirling region as part of Stirling Council’s Smart City initiative. Stirling’s focus on digital and interactive technology will enhance the visitor experience for both tourists and residents alike. Stirling’s ambitious City Region Deal aims to attract a quarter of a million more visitors during 2018. This will help to boost revenue opportunity for the region’s business communities. Stirling’s iconic new network of interactive touchscreens provides a digital marketing opportunity allowing local attractions and businesses to contribute towards the city’s sustained growth objective over the next ten years.

The iconic touchscreens are located in prime sites throughout the city and outlying areas. Specific locations (as shown here) have been chosen to maximise impact and information access by residents and visitors at street-level. The touchscreen platform allows local attractions and businesses to promote themselves by allowing easy access to Stirling-specific online content in a highly engaging, fun and intuitive way. Stirling’s business stakeholders can now take up the opportunity to promote their products and services with affordable high-profile advertising campaigns and ‘interactive’ directory listings. Using the city-wide 4G connectivity, users can download wayfinding maps to smartphones along with links to Stirling business websites, promotional videos and live social media feeds! Visitors can therefore enquire about things to see and do in Stirling from elsewhere and access seasonal campaigns; even link into up-to the minute transport information giving the options for travel to and from the city. The technology platform offers a verifiable advertising platform where bespoke campaigns can be configured. Businesses can access reports to see how effective their advertising has been in terms of viewing figures on a real-time basis. The city’s touchscreen app is also tied into live feeds from Destination Stirling’s website, allowing up-to-the-minute information to be channelled to visitors and residents. Units in the outlying areas, such as Dunblane and Callander will soon be customised to help emphasise the local trade offering further. FutureSens have worked with many community groups in other areas to create bespoke community apps. FutureSens can arrange to come along to meet your local communities to demonstrate case studies of successful community-based interactive business directories running on visitor information touchscreens elsewhere. Call us to find out more.